Final Assignment: Ugliness

1. Read: "Aesthetic Value: Beauty, Ugliness, and Incoherence." (JSTOR)


Final Quiz: during our scheduled final exam periods (PHIL 120 Honors: 12/15, 10:30 & PHIL 120: 12/13, 10:30)


Q&A #5 Authentic Performances

1. Read: Part 2 of our text.

2. Compare and contrast Davies' conception of an authentic musical performance with Young's view of a successful musical performance. Which account makes more sense to you?

3. Write 2 questions of your own.

Due: Friday after Thanksgiving break


Assignment #6: Public Art

Read Part 11, especially chapters 25-26.

Quiz on Friday.


Assignment #5: Music as a Liberal Art

Read: "The Neglected Muse".



1. No laptops, cellphones, or other electronic gadgets should be in use during class.  Cellphone use is especially problematic (and obvious to me when it occurs).  Please don't wait for me to ask you individually in class.  If you would prefer to miss class so that you can use your phone; that is your choice.
2. Each student is allowed one missed exam and one missed essay (alternatively, I will drop the lowest two grades at the close of the semester).  All other missing work is factored in as a "zero."
3. Therefore, students can easily calculate their averages at any time in the semester by adding up the grades and dividing by the number of entries (on papers, check-plus = 95, check = 85, and check-minus = 75).
4. No quiz this week.


Q&A #4: Cross-cultural Aesthetics

1. Read Part 12.

2. Q: Could there be (2 or more) radically distinct concepts of art?


Assignment #4: Fear and Fiction

1. Read: Chapter 16, "Fearing Fictionally" and IEP's "Paradox of Fiction" (http://www.iep.utm.edu/fict-par/)

Quiz: Friday, 10/27


Q&A #3: Popular vs. Classical Music

1. Read: Part 4, Rock Music and Culture.

2. Question: On what basis does Scruton claim that absolute (instrumental) and classically tonal music is aesthetically superior to most contemporary, popular musical forms?


Assignment # 3: Essay on Beauty

1. Read: "An Essay on Beauty and Judgment":


Next Cumulative Quiz: Friday, October 13.


Q&A #2: Aesthetics & Nature

1. Read: Carlson and Carroll, Chapters 10-11.

2. How important is the understanding (or knowledge) to the aesthetic appreciation of nature?

(As usual, essays due next Friday.)


Q&A #1: Fakes and Forgeries

1. Read: Part 3 of our text, "Fakes and Forgeries."

2. What, from an aesthetic point of view (in contrast to a legal or ethical one), is wrong with a forgery?

(Answer this question in essay form following closely the guidelines of handouts QA/QAHO, CR1, CR2, and CR3.)

Due: Friday, 9/22, in class.


Assignment #1: The Art of Food

1. Read: Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 2, "Food as Art."

2. Quiz #1: Friday, 9/15.