Assignment #6: Popular vs. Classical Music

1. Read: Part 4, Rock Music and Culture.

PHIL 120: Quiz Friday, March 2

PHIL 120 Honors:

Question: On what basis does Scruton claim that absolute (instrumental) and classically tonal music is aesthetically superior to most contemporary, popular musical forms?

Due: Friday, March 2.


Assignment #5: Aesthetics & Nature

1. Read: Carlson and Carroll, Chapters 10-11.

Quiz: Monday, February 26.


Assignment #4: Fear and Fiction

1. Read: Chapter 16, "Fearing Fictionally" and IEP's "Paradox of Fiction" (http://www.iep.utm.edu/fict-par/)

Quiz: Friday the 16th.


Assignment #3: Knowledge-Imagination Ratio & Improvisation (updated)

1. Read:

Supplemental reading: "Improvisational Pedagogy"

120: nonhonors: Quiz postponed to Monday.

120: honors section only: Essay due Friday the 9th.

Q: How are imagination, creativity, knowledge, and improvisation related?

(review handouts CR1, CR2, CR3, and QAHO.)


Assignment #2: Fakes and Forgeries

1. Read: Part 3 of our text, "Fakes and Forgeries."

Quiz #2 on Friday, 2/2/2018.


Assignment #1: The Art of Food

1. Read the course syllabus (and other related handouts); bring questions to class on Friday.

2. Begin reading from our text: Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 2, "Food as Art."

3. Quiz #1: Friday, January 26th.