Assignment #4: Fear and Fiction

1. Read: Chapter 16, "Fearing Fictionally" and IEP's "Paradox of Fiction" (http://www.iep.utm.edu/fict-par/)

Quiz: Friday, 10/27


Q&A #3: Popular vs. Classical Music

1. Read: Part 4, Rock Music and Culture.

2. Question: On what basis does Scruton claim that absolute (instrumental) and classically tonal music is aesthetically superior to most contemporary, popular musical forms?


Assignment # 3: Essay on Beauty

1. Read: "An Essay on Beauty and Judgment":


Next Cumulative Quiz: Friday, October 13.


Q&A #2: Aesthetics & Nature

1. Read: Carlson and Carroll, Chapters 10-11.

2. How important is the understanding (or knowledge) to the aesthetic appreciation of nature?

(As usual, essays due next Friday.)


Q&A #1: Fakes and Forgeries

1. Read: Part 3 of our text, "Fakes and Forgeries."

2. What, from an aesthetic point of view (in contrast to a legal or ethical one), is wrong with a forgery?

(Answer this question in essay form following closely the guidelines of handouts QA/QAHO, CR1, CR2, and CR3.)

Due: Friday, 9/22, in class.


Assignment #1: The Art of Food

1. Read: Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 2, "Food as Art."

2. Quiz #1: Friday, 9/15.