Assignment #2:Hume

1. Read: Hume, "On the Standard of Taste," ch. 11, text.

Here's some background reading on Hume's aesthetics.  (Section 4 is most applicable):


Quiz this Friday.


Assignment #1: Aesthetics and the Philosophy Toolkit

1. Read:

 a.  Chapter 22, "What is Art?" (in our reader).

b. The Philosophy Toolkit.

2. In your notebooks, identify in Tolstoy's essay three things: a. a primarily epistemological claim, b. a primarily ontological/metaphysical claim, and c. a primarily axiological claim.

3. Identify 3 instances of "intellectual virtues" (as listed in the toolkit) reflected in the article and its mode of argumentation.

4. Identify one deductive and one inductive argument in the article.